Endless energy for your projects – A single source for conception, design, and development

Whether in developing microservices, websites or single page applications: we combine design competence, technical know-how and an affinity to the digital cosmos to a closed unit.

As technology and design enthusiasts with much excitement in the field of developing products and identities, we can support our customers with our know-how and experience. No matter if you need help to plan your infrastructure if you want to gain more insights at developing a technical concept or maybe seek proposals for the optimization of your design-workflow. We help you pointedly to evaluate the optimal solution.

We develop functional and aesthetically appealing design solutions in the demanding context of software engineering. By doing so, we can both lead and support design processes. No matter if we need to create a micro site to highlight a product or dissolve complex logic into an intuitive, usable user interface – we never lose sight of the targeted human on the other side.

Besides the design, the conception, planning, and development of applications is our core competence. The purpose defines whether it is a complex constellation of micro-services, a single page application based on a JavaScript framework or a highly available API of Elixir or PHP. Because of our experience in planning and implementing large applications we always leverage our customers to the best possible outcome. Click here for a detailed insight into our technical repertoire.

We design and code high-quality websites for brands, products, and companies. An attractive appearance is equally part of our entitlement as the optical and content-related optimization for different outputs and devices. For that, we use a variety of tools. We are happy to support you in deciding, whether you need a CMS-based solution or rather hardcode your website.

We take care of operating the applications and provide corresponding support. We set up the infrastructure, analyze the behavior of users on websites and maintain from the domain to the backup every aspect, which makes your life easier. Whether your infrastructure is a small Linux server, a couple of Docker containers or a Kubernetes cluster – we use our experience to your benefit.

Any questions? Call us or drop us an email!