About us

On a critical mission with design, technology, and curiosity.

The origin

In early 2015, Jeremy and Christian left their former employer to found a company. Motivated less by their professional practice but by the vision of a culture, that builds on passion, respect, and individual fulfillment. Their second name served as company name, a small general purpose chamber as head office. Soon, people who share their vision joined them, ready to integrate their energy and know-how into the development of the company and its products. Today we are proud of what we have achieved so far and look forward to the path in front of us.

The metaphor with astronautics

The space theme as a visual language for starting up the company was obvious. Fuel, Fire, and Rockets suit very well for highlighting a launch event. A certain analogy between space flight and our activities emerged more and more: the endless expanse of space could, by all means, be compared with the rapid development of the digital cosmos. We enjoy seeing us in the role of astronauts, moving through space adventurously and agile, always in search of new worlds and technologies in the context of the web. Of course, we are not the first ones abusing the fascination and the attraction of astronautics to their communicative purposes. Though as long as it fits us and gives us the ability to identify ourselves with it, we do not care.

The astronauts

Work with us

JOSHMARTIN is just as powerful as the sum of individuals operating under this name. We count on flat hierarchies, rely on self-responsibility and encourage individual personal development. Do you feel attracted to us or could you imagine to fit well in our environment? Then please introduce yourself at once. We’re always delighted in meeting new people who share our interests.


Fortunately, we are acting in a field that is location-independent to a great extent. Nevertheless, it can be convenient to operate from a single location. We have made ourselves comfortable at the Neugasse in St. Gallen. Within the old town it takes less time to get from the station to our place then it takes us to agree on what we want to have for lunch. Moreover, because we rent a liberal piece of space, co-workers are welcome at our place.