JM team retreat 2019 – Porto, Portugal

Our meanwhile fourth team retreat took us west to the Atlantic coast at the end of August.

We rented a spacious apartment in the old center of Porto. And since the lovely town on the hillside can be explored on foot, we were out and about a lot in the best weather. The small, winding streets, peppered with unique shops, cozy cocktail bars and the house facades with wall panels that are so typical of Portugal were much appreciated. We also tested at least one restaurant per day, mostly for dinner, and we got rewarded in each case: authentic, tasty and prepared with a lot of passion – all at moderate prices.

But our daily highlight was a different one: going to the bakery. Because we fell for what is probably the most famous Portuguese pastry on the first day: Pastel de Nata! The name alone still elicits a wistful smile … This heavenly creation, a buttery-crispy puff pastry basket filled with a cream made from egg, sugar and cream is so seductive that we couldn’t get away from it for the whole week.
Fortunately, I brought along the loose-fitting summer trousers.

The second and some better known export hit of this region is of course the port wine. A private day tour therefore took us to the Douro Valley on the second last day. The beautiful valley with the impressive vine terraces as far as the eye can see, the boat trip along the warehouses on the riverside and the tastings at the various wineries were a recommendable experience even at 40 ° in the shade.

But of course we also worked. The smartly furnished accommodation as well as the garden bars made it easy for us again this year.
But should we ever have time for a second business: a Pastéis de Nata production would have top priority.


Christian likes selfies.

Christian also likes Puff pastry mushroom bags with egg. Very much.

The mandatory group photo.

Hand-painted wall panels decorate the station concourse in Porto.

Next tenant: fig tree.

Tiny beers from the boat bar.

Probably the most famous viewpoint in Porto.

Two are looking forward to their dinner.

The Max Frisch from Portugal?

Time for a quick sparring.

Typical facades in Porto.

Perfect for breakfast. Or as a dessert. Or in between. Pastéis always work.

Even today, the grapes are mostly stamped with bare feet. Well then, cheers!

A Portuguese-style sandwich.

Port for after lunch.

In “our” bakery.

Many of the large wineries are still in English ownership.

Porto by night.

Sightseeing is very stressful.

Christian on his early breakfast mission.