What is Symfony?

Today, Symfony can almost be described as an ecosystem in its own right. With almost 50 million monthly downloads and over 3,000 contributors, it is one of the most popular web frameworks in existence. In principle, it is made up of several components. These components, held together by a philosophy of structuring PHP code, serve as the basis for the development of applications.

How do we use Symfony?

We mainly use Symfony in the backend. What Phoenix is ​​to our Elixir projects, Symfony is to our PHP projects.

Why Symfony?

When it comes to the development of APIs and microservices, Symfony shines e.g. with an excellent ecosystem. For many (even more exotic use cases) there are already implementations in the PHP ecosystem. With PHP, Symfony is based on a language for which (in contrast to e.g. Elixir) it is much easier to find experienced developers for maintenance or further development.