Fire kitchen 2.0

The really cozy fire kitchen event on the river bank from last year called for a repetition!

After the first cooking event a second edition was already decided, but the rainy weather this summer thwarted our plans several times. After we had to postpone the appointment twice, the time finally had come on a Friday afternoon at the end of July: cooking open air with heavy cast iron pans on three different fireplaces, enjoying a refreshing bath (either in the Sitter or the Urnäsch), having a beer or two in a cozy atmosphere and observe the kids who are so wonderfully immersed in their play.

Once again, fresh, simple ingredients set the tone. The starter was a spicy garlic bread with herbs from the own garden, pimientos de padrón with coarsely ground salt, «umami» dates wrapped in bacon and braised spring onions as well as countless pomodorini and Swiss berries for the children’s mouth. Then the well-tried Shakshuka with sun-ripened, colored tomatoes, quail eggs, peperoncini and oriental spices and besides simple, but very tasty rosemary potatoes.

Then, as the main course, and to delight the meat lovers, homemade pita bread filled with beef gyros skewers, grilled vegetables, salad and four different types of hummus. For the vegetarians softly braised eggplants straight from the embers, garnished with crème fraîche, beetroot dip and pomegranate seeds.

In between, French soft cheese was cooked directly in the wooden basket, served with sweet raspberries, a few drops of  maple syrup and some nut chips and spooned out with great pleasure. At a late hour, in the dark, we caramelized nectarines and added roasted hazelnuts and sour cream ice cream. Delicious.

Fortunately, the weather cooperated, it stayed dry!

To celebrate the simplicity, the fire, the get-together. 


The buffet with the basic ingredients.

It doesn’t take much.


Annette prepares 3 kilos of tomatoes…

…while Jay tends the fire.

Pita pockets in the making.

The food tastes so much better from the fire.

To everyone their place.

There were always small bites to taste.

They found each other.

Finger food under the bridge.

Yes, the two rivers are differently warm, or cold.

A neoprene is an advantage.

Celebrate the simplicity. 

Yeah! Pouring water into the embers produces great steam!

The cheese course.

Two fireflies.


One last night sword fight with Jay…

…then an audio book in the hammock.

Well-deserved sleep for the little ones. But no reason to go home.

Cosiness for the grown-ups.

Late at night. On comfortable chairs.

It was nice.