Tabletop football 2021

After the JM Kicker Tournament had to be postponed and finally canceled last year, it was about time to get a new competition going at the beginning of September.

Maybe because of the required Covid certificate, maybe because of something else going on the same day, fewer people registered to the annual JOSHMARTIN-Töggeli-Turnier than in previous years. That’s why we spontaneously decided that we would modify our usual team game mode: although every game is played in a team, the points are collected as an individual player. After each game, new teams were put together. So even less experienced players had the opportunity to get into the 2nd round or even to climb one of the podium places. This opened up completely new dimensions and granted lots of fun. We might even hold on to that mode for future tournaments.

The lavish delivery of beverages was of course chilled early and we opted for the pizza delivery service for catering. In this way, spontaneous visits could be easily absorbed throughout the evening.

But I still think it’s worth mentioning that the first 3-4 hours, especially the alcohol-free beers, were very popular. What might have been the reason for that…?

This time, there were delicacies from the “Pro Table”, the specialist shop for tableware and culinary delights, directly below our office to be won as prizes: fine red wine, salami from a small family business in Italy or the addicting «Tartufi neri».

The polar explorers (Jürgen Wössner) and Chewbacca (Ralf Brunschwiler) have now made themselves comfortable on the third Lego podium on our “Wall of fame”, followed by the little penguin (Christian Jakob) and the shark (Jony Männchen) on the 2nd, as well as the green water sprite (Orsi Belasitz) and the farmer (Adi Schiess) on the 3rd podium.

In addition to the sporty, competitive thought, the sociable moments are not neglected. We are always very happy that you all find the way to us!

See you soon.


Start of play.

Old friends.

New friends.


Always Corona-compliant.


A great groupe.

This affectionate look: magnificent!

The new game mode makes every game even more exciting!

Rico is already at the red wine.

All players, all spectators.

A well-deserved break.

And a chat.

Somewhat later.


Order No 1.

A family affair.

Small talk and games in between.


Bright but still cozy. Cheers.

Rico’s suffering two days later.

See you next year!