Trial days 2023

For the first time since its existence JOSHMARTIN held trial days. On two days the participants could get a taste of the profession of software developers. For that reason we launched «Robert Pascal» our house robot.

With us were Finn, Lucas, Béla and Kashif. In teams of two they all got a feel for the software developer profession during two days.

On the first day, the participants learned the basics of programming. In the afternoon, logical thinking was required. The four young engineers programmed the game Breakout in Scratch.

On the second day they finally got to know our house robot «Robert Pascal». They could use the new programming skills from the day before to teach the RoboMaster how to roll, turn, grab and blink. After Robert Pascal learned how to drift from them, the participants solved various tasks and brought new life into the robot.

Kudos to our new astronauts. It was nice to have you with us!