acrevis invest – a new world of investment banking

With the implementation of the new Federal Act of Financial Services (FinSA) the acrevis bank has re-engineered its services in the investment banking and wealth management sector. Thereby not only the product palette has been adjusted but also the according internal and external processes were redefined. As supplier in the sector of application design and development JOSHMARTIN had the chance to actively contribute in the complete development process, from conception to realization and pass on our know-how. The project involves different parts, from website to service finder to the core application, which sets the basis for customer oriented profiling and the needs assessment for investment banking customers and wealth management mandates.

The Service Finder

Firstly, a service had to be designed and built that allows customers to find appropriate investment products. It is based on the underlying advertising campaign, which was designed simultaneously at HOFERSCHMID and plays in the world of chess. In collaboration with HOFERSCHMID we designed sort of a requirement configurator that evaluates matching products depending on the needs of the user. We finally built a 3D model that maps the users answers in real time onto a chess board.

The Online Tool

The core application is partially available to customers for self-service purposes, but is also the main instrument of the consultants in their advisory process. The app manages every part of a mandate in due consideration of the recent legal basis. That includes the acquisition of all necessary customer data such as knowledge and experience or investment profile, choice and adjustments of different investment strategies, finally generating a printable version of the mandate including legal documents of the agreement for signature. Thereby also particular elements of the process can be ran isolated to ensure periodical control and optimization of running mandates.

The Website

The acrevis invest website serves as landing page for the marketing, is entry point for the product finder and the online wealth management and is also information medium for product descriptions. Content and design is adapted from the print material and is directly linked to the suggestions within the product finder. Of course the landing page also provides various downloads and connections to the banking consultants.