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QUIN – The Quiz for winners

QUIN is an online quiz with real money. The players can take part in a game by paying a defined amount of money as a bet. This amount goes into the winning pot. At the end of a game, the player(s) who came up with the most correct answers win the pot. We were mandated to design the visual appearance, the user interface and the complete technical implementation of the web based application.

The actual game process itself has caused much discussion. How long does one need to answer a question? How how long does it take to google the correct answer? How should a loss of connection be handled? Because real money is at stake, all kind of questions were very important couldn’t just be swept away somehow.

For marketing and onboarding purposes a small landing page was implemented besides flyers and two different trailers. The page contains a brief description of the game play, contact details and a faq section.